We have a wide range of colors and textures to meet the needs of each person, based on the RAL system and catalogs.

Thanks to our ability, we are able to respond to large quantities of material.
We also have solutions for painting at high temperatures.

Lacquering process

In the first stage a pre-treatment is carried out, by spraying in order to clean and prepare the metals for the paint, to protect it from corrosion is to maximize the adhesion of the paint. The lacquering of the metals with powder paint is carried out by electrostatic deposition and subsequent polymerization at temperatures close to 200 degrees according to the technical specifications of the product. This process makes the surface highly resistant to severe weather conditions, guaranteeing the final customer a product of high quality and durability.
Compared to liquid paint, the powder paint is more resistant, has a longer life, and mainly has the great advantage of not causing air pollution.

Advantages of lacquering

The lacquer in addition to protecting the metals from natural corrosion, allows to obtain a huge variety of colors. In order to meet the most demanding needs of its customers, ALCORSAL offers an extensive range of colors ranging from classic finishes, gloss or matte to textured and metallized special washes among many others available on the market today.